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Pool Cleaning Calpe

For all your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance needs all year round.

For those lucky enough to have a private swimming pool, cleaning and maintaining it is an essential part of property ownership.


Due to the hot weather here in Spain, keeping your pool clean and clear is all a matter of balance. Just enough chemicals, enough water movement, the right pH and regular brushing and vacuuming, it seems so complicated! Well relax, our pool maintenance teams are trained to a high standard in order to care for your swimming pool.



All pools are individually priced on a yearly contract basis and include all chemicals.



Prices start from as little as 60 Euro per month for a standard 8m x 4m pool


The yearly pool contract consists of twice-weekly pool cleaning during the busy summer months, middle of June to the middle of September, and weekly pool cleaning visits during the winter months.



The chemical levels of your pool are closely monitored and adjusted accordingly to maintain a safe and sanitised swimming environment. The pool will be cleared of all floating debris, and the water will be left crystal clear for enjoyable and safe swimming.




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HideIPVPN is a great VPN service. It is cheap and is ideal for those living in Spain  who want to look at UK  websites but can’t due to Spanish IP restrictions. (Brilliant for BBC and ITV!)


HideIPVPN provides not only a  UK  service but also US, DE and CA VPN services.

From as little as $5.99 per month you can have unlimited anonymous internet surfing.  It works by hiding your real IP address, perfect for getting all  UK  television!


There are only 100 Premium VPN accounts per month sold, thus allowing the company to keep the quality of the service in tip top condition!

HideIPVPN has an instant account activation service (after first payment).


If you subscribe to the Premium packages you also get access to their servers by proxy. This means that you will be able to use your regular connection for all applications and browse anonymously using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

There are no logs, it is completely anonymous, keeping you secure and safe online! (There is a secure connection between your PC and the Internet (128-2048bit))


For more details and to get this great service please click here

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